Having spent the best part of the last year in leggings (I wholeheartedly blame the pandemic!), I am now
somewhat an expert on how to pair them with footwear to create the most versatile looks.

Want to wear your leggings every day, regardless of where you are or what you are doing? I feel you.
Let me help! Here’s a little guide to all the shoes you can outfit build with those reliable and oh so
comfortable leggings. For good measure, I’ll even throw in a couple of definitely DO NOT’s.

The “easy peasy” trainers

I know, I know. So simple, yet so effective. I am an extremely proud trainer hoarder…this three-striped
obsession of mine is almost getting out of hand and I am sure that you all have your favourite brands.
So, obviously, there are variations within my trainer category, which as far as categories go is definitely
number one on my list. We have the lace-ups; lovely, crisp white trainers with a gold foil printed tongue
and gold back tab logo detail – these are my default pair and pretty much look good with anything. I am
guilty of wearing them for both training sessions and socially.

Then there are “the velcros”, for those days when I am in a rush and literally sprinting out of the door or
feeling slightly lazy and can’t be bothered to engage with the co-ordination associated with the lace-up
rigmarole. If you are anything like me, you probably have a slip-on pair too – no laces, no Velcro straps,
no fuss (and definitely no refined motor skills required to get them on!)

Anyhow, containing my excitement here, I think trainers look absolutely fabulous with leggings. If you’ve
read my other blog, you’ll know I’m a bit of a shorty and love to turn my leggings up at the bottom. I
always do this when I wear them with trainers, even if they aren’t too long because they just look that
extra bit cooler. Ok, yes, trainers are where it’s at – point made.

Over the knee boots

Oh yes. We all have those sassy nights out, or days even. This is my go to “date outfit”. A pair of snug,
flattering leggings, over the knee boots and an oversized satin shirt or shirt dress. Sleeves rolled up, a
couple of buttons open to show off my jewellery and I am ready to rock and roll. You can look and feel
sexy and still have the comfort of that elasticated waist. Happy days!


I have to admit, I am not a fan of sliders unless I am lying on an exotic beach or sunning myself poolside,
however; if styled with some cropped leggings and a cute tshirt or vest these can look great. Stay away
from the furry ones though please ladies…unless you are having a sleepover.


Red soles, glitz and glamour. Judging by my number one category, you’d never imagine it but I live for
those moments (very rare) where I get to dress up, go all out, and squeeze my toes in to some extremely
high heeled shoes. When your feet are in that much pain, you know a pair of tight high waisted jeans
would just tip you over the edge, so wear them with those leggings!! If they have a zip, flap, small cut
opening on the side or are made from a slinky or shiny/coated fabric it’s even better, as they look less
casual and more glam.

Strappy sandals

If you’re feeling cute but not quite adventurous enough to brave the stilettos, strappy flat sandals are a
good shout. You can dress them up or down with different textured or coloured leggings depending on where you are going. In warmer weather its ideal – freshly manicured toes, your trustworthy leggings
and a floral shirt. A faultless outfit for a picnic, where you look summery and stylish but you can easily
slip them off, wiggle your toes, comfortably sit cross-legged on a blanket and bask in the sunshine
(whilst nibbling on strawberries of course).

Heeled ankle boots

This is my safe legging + shoe option. I have these black suede heeled boots that go everywhere with
me. If it’s cold outside, I shove my leggings in to my socks and pull them over and if I feel like flashing a
bit of ankle, I turn them up as per usual! This combination can be worn anywhere – work, lunch/coffee
meeting, dinner, date, shopping – you name it. And you can wear them with any top to suit the weather
or your mood. If in doubt, heeled ankle boots it is.

My “DO NOT’s”

I know it’s a matter of personal taste but I am sure the masses will agree with the following DO NOT
legging and shoe pairings. If you don’t, please please please prove me wrong by tagging
@banditbeeofficial and hashtag #donots on your selfies!


I haven’t seen a pair of platforms around in a while unless I’m scouting vintage shops or trawling online
for retro exclusive pieces. Anyhow, there is a reason they’re not widely available, so no matter how
stylish you aspire to be or think you are, I am yet to be proven wrong that this choice of footwear can be
coupled with a pair of leggings and actually look good. Please refrain from the platform purchase unless
you’re going to an era themed fancy dress party.

Flip flops

Guilty. Come on – it’s just those moments where I need to quickly dash across the road to the post box
or to the corner shop for some essentials and all I can find are someone else’s’ flip flops, which are
usually about two sizes too big. Try walking down the street in those. Or actually, on second thoughts,
please don’t. Leggings with flips flops = fashion faux pas.

Wedged trainers

I have given you enough trainer options, so please don’t do it! As much as I’d love to be, we are no
longer in the 90’s or the Spice Girl era or whatever that period in time was that wedged trainers were
actually deemed a positive fashion statement. They sneakily tried to make a comeback in the last couple
of years but let’s move on.

Sock boots aka that famous over-priced B-word brand

Your legs will look like an extension of your feet or vice versa if you wear these abominations with
leggings. Enough said!