What top to wear to the gym

The question is – what are you planning on doing there? We all know there are categories of gym visits, especially if like me, you’re a regular goer. It’s been about 5 years or so since I commenced my fitness journey, with the past two years being quite dedicated to at least 3-4 visits a week. Being stuck in lockdown made me reminisce about all my visits and also have a little giggle about some of the motivations for going.

When I first started off, clothing was everything. I’d dedicate more time than what I’d consider normal
contemplating what to wear and, like a lot of people, even went out and bought a whole new “gym wardrobe”.

I thought it would be quite entertaining to categorise workout clothes according to my (and I’m sure many of yours!) purposes for visiting the gym. Let’s face it when you’re a newbie, or even when you evolve into a pro gym-goer, feeling good in your clothing is really important. Moreover; wearing suitable clothing for your workout goals is essential.

For me, it was and is pretty much leggings or compression tights for everything, so I am going to focus more on the tops but will also suggest some pairings for each top.

The Workout Group Class

I despise these. Always have and always will! Most likely because I’d be winded after the first round of that circuit class and have to mumble an excuse and discreetly slip out of the back of the studio! For a lot of people, gym classes are a godsend.

There is a set time, set workout time, guided movements and group comradery – you just need to turn up! Anyway, back to the important topic. As far as I can remember, I have only been to a handful of classes.

The first one, I was most likely kitted out in my high waisted leggings, a sports bra, a sweat resistant t-shirt and a hoodie. Yes, all that. I used to wear an awful lot of clothing to the gym.

What I would recommend wearing, however – definitely some supportive leggings and a well-fitted sports bra to withstand any high impact movement. Layer up with long-sleeved tshirt or lightweight hoodie that can be taken off once you’re warmed up.

The PT Session

I succumbed to the hype and recently invested in a Personal Trainer. I didn’t think it was possible to sweat so much in a one hour period! PT’s push you to your limit when working out, and I’ve learned that it is imperative to be comfortable over everything.

Depending on the type of session, be it HIT or weights, there will be a lot of perspiration involved compared with your solo or group class workouts! My go to is compression tights, as they allow for quick, controlled movements, leg support and are safe with no extra fabric that can get caught up. I tend to wear these with a short light loose fitting tshirt and a zip up hoodie.

Once warmed up, the hoodie is easily removable and the tshirt is comfortable and I don’t feel conscious about it getting drenched.

The Solo Workout

For me, the tank top and high waisted leggings always win. Purposeful, discreet, focused and flexible! Something cute like The Bee Tank , will allow you to have enough coverage but also not overheat when you’re chasing your goals on that treadmill.

The Group Girly Social “Workout”

We have all done this. Hey hun, fancy going to the gym? Sure – what you wearing??
Then, my mindset instantaneously goes towards the fashion feature. Bold yet functional, I’d say wear that long-sleeved crop top and spice it up with those leopard print leggings. You and the girls will look great and also be prepped for some moderate exercise coupled with much-needed gossip.

The “just going to see if that cute guy (or girl) is training today “workout””!

Guilty! Now I just go for gold and barely notice the other bodies grunting and sweating beside me but there was a time when I was quite conscious of my fellow gym goers – especially the six pack donning muscle ones. The long sleeved crop sweater would come out to play. If you’re looking for something understated but attention grabbing, I’d definitely recommend the Buzz Cut Crop with some cycling shorts. Long sleeved crops sweaters are a personal favourite. They’re great for a jog, some weights circuits or bitesize workout sessions and also look really trendy.

So, there we have it. Supportive sports bras, loose-fitting tees, cropped sweaters, hoodies and long-sleeved crop tops – whatever the workout “occasion”, there is a top to suit!