Hello and welcome to Bandit Bee,

We are a brand new, London-based, fitness clothing company for women! We want to create clothing for all women of all ages, shapes AND sizes – because that’s what makes each and every one of us special. We want to help bring out the best in people and so try and make our clothing fun, sexy, trustworthy, affordable and full-on confidence giving to anyone who wears it. We believe good quality, trustworthy clothes shouldn’t be a privilege, and want to be your go-to wardrobe staple for those go-getting days – if it’s for finally tackling that pull-up in the gym, going for that run you’ve been meaning to do forever, joining a gym class for the first time or feeling like you need that little helping hand to be fierce. Wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, put your beebums on and go forth and conquer.

How did Bandit Bee start?
The founder was bored of her leggings going see-through (or were see-through from the start!) She felt there was no point in buying a nice pair of leggings when you were having to buy special underwear to wear with them… So decided she would try and make her own!

After months of testing several products she found the perfect material mix in our classic bee bums, NO MORE SEE-THROUGH LEGGINGS and NO MORE WORRYING ABOUT WHAT PANTS TO WEAR..YAY!! After testing out on friends and family, they all decided they wanted a pair – she knew they were ready for release!

Once the beebums were flying off the shelves she thought – hey! why not expand! and so Bandit Bee has grown into a HUGE range of products  🙂 Thanks guys!!

Why Bandit Bee?
Once the material was sorted, we needed a name. When we were originally naming our Beebums we had though of the name Bandit leggings because of the stripes. But then our signature butt detail reminded us of a bee’s stinger, and so flashforward to a lightbulb moment in the middle of the night and Bandit Bee was born!

Why online only?
If we had a physical shop we would have to increase our prices to cover the costs – our clothing range is entirely based on the idea of being affordable whilst high quality for everyone and so we felt we couldn’t justify the increases. We do however go to events and shows, keep an eye on our instagram for our next events! (usually we buy and give away tickets for our fans!)

How do you know they are decent quality?
Each product is tested extensively before we go into production, the first Beebums were worn for a month (we did wash them I promise) running, hit classes, lifting, Zumba-ing, yoga-ing – we’ve tried it all! If we wouldn’t wear them, we don’t expect you to.

Are you eco-friendly/using sustainable materials?
Our new leggings – ecobee are made with recycled 73% polyester & 27% spandex, our bamboobee tank top is made from 95% Bamboo and 5% Spandex and most of our tank tops are made of an element of bamboo.  We are working towards bringing in more products into our eco range soon.  All our product descriptions clearly state the materials used in our fabrics so you are clear as to what you are buying.

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