Is it safe to wear jewellery to the gym?

One of the many unwelcome consequences of lockdown is that most people’s lives became more sedentary, and combined with the closure of gyms and leisure facilities, they have inevitably put on weight. The recent re-openings of gyms has motivated those eager to lose the extra pounds to get back in shape. Regular exercise is also great for improving and maintaining good mental health.

The appeal of funky and functional gym gear is that you don’t have to make compromises on your appearance when working out. You can work hard and look great. But there is one concession that you do need to make- and that concerns jewellery. Don’t wear rings when using gym equipment or weights. Ever. Settings and stones become damaged over time- often irreparably.

I have been presented with many rings, particularly those which are channel set, with lost stones and damaged settings.

Once the setting is compromised, the security of stones becomes vulnerable, and frequent contact clasping dumbells or equipment inevitably has consequences. It is almost impossible to repair channel set rings.

They need to be re-made.

Hard and durable stones such as sapphires and ruby can be damaged, and softer stones are particularly at risk. Although diamonds are the hardest known natural substance, they are not indestructible or immune from damage either.

Damage can take a number of forms- scratched and worn surfaces which diminish the bright lustre of gem surfaces, and the rounding of facet edges. Depending on the extent of the damage, stones can be removed from their setting and re-polished, restoring their fabulous lustre and shine. However, damage can be more serious, including deep and permanent chips and fractures.

The worst-case scenario is the loss of stones either because it has fractured and broken free of the setting, or because the setting has been damaged and the security of stones was compromised.

Most other items of jewellery can be worn without significant risk in typical situations. So pendants, no sweat. Earrings, knock yourself out. Bangles and bracelets- exercise caution. But if you want to preserve them, never, ever wear rings when you work out at the gym!

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