Yes, you read it right. No, I’m not crazy! Let’s face it, due to global warming the “winter” season is now quite
subjective wherever we are in the world, as we never know what weather to expect. Regardless of this, it can often be a tad too cold to wear a tank top solo.

I have 11 fabulous ways to team up your summer wardrobe tank tops with other clothing items to create casual or not so casual looks that you can strut your stuff in during those colder months..

1. Under a shirt

Simple yet effective. I love those lumberjack shirts with bold checkered prints, as they’re so versatile yet
also really comfortable. They make for a great pairing with a tank top and you can either leave the
buttons open or close a few depending on how cold it is.

2. With a leather jacket or blazer

This is a great option for that fitted and slightly more fashionable tank top that you hardly get to wear.
Perfect for a business dinner, worn under a blazer – or, with a leather jacket chucked on top for a chilly
Friday night out with the girls.

3. Add a chunky knit scarf

Those cosier than cosy “my grandma knitted this for me” chunky scarves are one of my absolute
cherished winter wardrobe items. If you’re popping out and perhaps driving to see a friend, you don’t
need to be wearing too many thick layers of clothing. This is a great accessory to compliment your tank
top and can easily be slipped off when you’re all warmed up next to that log cabin fireplace.

4. Leather pencil skirt

I love myself a bit of leather (faux, of course!). I don’t know about you but whether its trousers or a skirt,
they often leaving me feeling really heated up. Tucking in a cute tank top is an amazing way to not only
look stylish but regulate that body heat. It’s a perfect winter way to rock your tank top too.

5. Tuck in to high waisted jeans

I mean the title speaks for itself. Just an easy daily way to wear your tank and if you feel a bit nippy you
can chuck on an oversized sweatshirt on top. Does the trick.

6. Corduroy shorts and over the knee boots

The winter season always calls for over the knee boots! If you’re off to a fancy brunch or some pre dinner
drinks, style your tank top with some corduroy shorts (they keep you warm!) and voila you’re ready. If it is
a bit cold out there, you can always drape a denim jacket over your shoulders.

7. Long cosy cardigan

This tends to be my winter office outfit. I have a barrage of long woolen cosy cardigans. They’re far too
thick to wear with a long sleeved top/jumper underneath, so I tend to wear a strappy vest or tank top and
pair them with some jeans or a midi skirt. Alternatively, they’re great to wear whilst snuggling up on the
couch – the cardi, the tank, some big pants – ultimate Bridget Jones style!

8. With a long sleeved t-shirt underneath

I’ve seen so many influencers that wear these strappy little velvet tank tops on top of a white tee. Still
need to try it, as I think it’s a good way to keep you warm and still look sassy.

9. Kimono

Ooooh, my number one choice (even though it’s number 9!). I am always up for a kimono, no matter what
season it is. They look quite elegant when floating over a textured or silk tank top, worn with some skinny

10. Dungarees

White tank top. Washed out bleach dungarees. Lace up biker boots. That’s the look!

11. Sheer sweater

This is a fave. Any coloured tank top, with some leggings or boyfriend jeans worn with a fine knitted or
sheer sweater on top is a no brainer.

So, there we have it. You can actually wear a tank top in winter and I’m not raving crazy! As always, I’d love to see how you style yours – feel free to tag @banditbeeofficial and #wintertanktop in your selfies.