How to wear black leggings with sneakers?

Here’s a guide on how to style your favourite Bandit Bee black leggings, with a pair of sneakers, to get you through the week.

If you’re anything like me, a part time fitness freak (emphasis on the part time!), who wants to look fashionable yet be comfortable – this little snippet on how to wear black leggings with sneakers will be the perfect read for you.

Leggings always come up a little long on me, so I tend to fold them up at the bottom. Just one turn up can make them look cool, allow a pretty anklet to be visible and also stop the bottom of each leg from rubbing against the tongue of your sneakers.

My challenge next week is to wear black leggings with sneakers every which way I can. With comfort being a priority due to my current socially distanced lifestyle, I am quite looking forward to this. If you’re at home, have a zoom meeting, working out or having dinner with friends; why not give my outfit options a try.

With my main activities in mind, here goes. Obviously, these can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and your wardrobe but I have added a few links to the Bandit Bee range for inspiration.

The Morning Dog (or solo) Walk

It’s cold outside! I’m thinking that my “go to” running sneakers (albeit slightly muddy), my infamous Bee Luxe black leggings and my favourite Box Fit Grey sweatshirt will be perfect for this. I’ll also definitely be carrying a tote with all my essentials, especially that chapstick. I have so many from my travels but if you’re looking to purchase something new, here’s a cute one – “Its whats inside that counts tote bag“.

The Zoom Meeting

That gorgeous silk shirt that you picked up from the vintage shop three years ago…yes, that one! Sleeves rolled up to your elbows, perfectly paired with some statement earrings and a bold coloured lippie. Let’s face it, no one can see beyond your waist in a zoom call, so whether it’s a work meeting or a catch up coffee with some friends, you’ll be looking fabulous whilst still wearing those comfortable black leggings and sneakers.

The Afternoon Jog

It’s that time before the afternoon slump, where I sit and contemplate repeatedly whether I can just skip the jog and eat a few fewer calories. After a lot of self-debate, I find the motivation to get up and get out there. With such a small window before I change my mind, I need an outfit ready to quickly put on so that I can make a dash for it. Depending on how adventurous I feel, my jog sometimes evolves into a run, so the Bee Bum leggings are ideal, as they look great and feel secure enough for that enhanced movement.

The Online Exercise Class (from the comfort of my living room)

Ok, it’s going to be The Yogibees and a sports bra for sure BUT I may even chuck on my Bandit Bee mantra vest to remind myself of the goal here – “Tryna get my fit together”. Sneakers on or off, I know I’ll be looking and feeling great whilst being able to maintain my flexibility during my workout.

The Grocery Shop Run

I’m not sure if many of you have experimented with this but I’ve always been a fan of wearing dresses (any length) with my leggings as opposed to suffering the snagging of tights. Thinner black leggings are always best for this and even when you’re wearing them with sneakers it creates the illusion of being effortlessly glam without so much of the effort. Ideal for the weekly supermarket trip, you can couple brighter colours, geometric prints or different textures and fabrics with your dependable black leggings.

The Family Dinner

Eating in is the new going out…or something like that. Anyhow, at least once a week I think it is good form to dress up and make some effort when dining in, seeing as the lockdown has ensured that my social activities are limited at present. At the same time, comfort is paramount and laziness often prevails. Leggings and sneakers make for a suitable bottom half and allow me to eat my heart out, whilst my oversized off the shoulder jumper, with its sparkly flecks of silver, makes me feel that optimal dose of glam that I need.

The Online Quiz Session

Hair up in a messy bun, pore-refining face mask on, the girls and I tend to be chatting more than quizzing – so cosy is key! With online quizzes becoming all the rage in the past year, I have lost count of the number of these that I have been invited to and attended.

What does one wear?

Well, it started off with me looking my best; those high waisted skinny jeans (which are now a distant memory), a full face of contoured makeup and tonged hair. And wow, ahem yes, a totally different vibe ensues. In all honesty, does the top even matter? A vest top, cute T-shirt, hoodie, just your sports bra even – whatever you decide, you’ll be glad you’re sat cross-legged in those comfy black leggings with your sneakers on, laces are undone – ready to pour your heart out or experience your winning streak with that damned Zoom quiz!

And last but definitely not least…drumroll, please…The Saturday night wine (and chocolate) run!!

Lounging in my leggings all day and being moderately productive, I suddenly remember it’s the weekend and surely that calls for wine o clock – right? If you’re anything like me, at this point clothing is merely functional. You just need to complete the mission. You’ve already got on your essential leggings and the sneakers (which you pretty much live in at this point, I know) and all you need to do is chuck on a top and go, go, go. Take your pick…go on. Look cool while you’re doing it. You will thank me later.

If you have any more black leggings and sneakers outfit tips, share them! We’d also love to see your
pictures, so feel free to hashtag #blackleggingschallenge and tag @banditbeeofficial in your weekly
“occasion” outfits.